Trauma-Informed Consulting & training

helping communities heal from the impact of trauma

Our mission is to help our communities:

Understand how trauma, childhood adverse experiences (ACE), and chronic stress impact our brains, bodies, behaviors, and perspectives.

Recognize trauma symptoms in ourselves and those we engage.

Aid in the creation of programs and practices using trauma-informed core principles to help heal the impact of ACE, decrease negative trauma symptoms, resist re-traumatization, and build resilience in us all.

Promote the self-reflection and discipline that is required for positive engagement skills and self-care.

Provide tools to implement the core principles in person-to-person engagement.

In order to carry a positive action we must develop here a positive vision.

~ Dalai Lama XIV

group trauma informed care

Wellness, Self Care & Healing

Each person is a unique individual, and how wellness and self-care is practiced will look different.

With that in mind, we are all humans and created in ways that we all share. Growth and healing is best explored in safe relationships that focus on strengths, that allow each to safely share their perspectives and talents, and that embrace the differences and unique identities.

Opening Minds, Touching Hearts, Changing Lives.

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